OC Kitchen & Bar Authentic Italian Food In A Quaint, Upscale Environment; Centrally Located At 2399 Main Street, Rocky Hill, CT 06067 c c The Finest Drinks From the delicious food to wonderful cocktails, OC Kitchen & Bar is guaranteed to satisfy all of your taste buds. c c Introducing OC 2 Go Short on time? Are you in or near Hartford, CT? Give OC 2 Go a try.
​Takeout convenience, with a home-made taste. Come by for a quick lunch, or anytime! Don't forget to pick up your fresh home-made Italian meals ready for you to take on the go to share with friends and family. Call ahead and have it prepared for you!
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Mouth Watering Food & Ambience you won’t find anywhere else…

OC Kitchen-Bar’s Recipes Represent The Style Of Authentic Italian Food From The Freshest Ingredients. We believe that our customers should be treated like family. Finding the right staff is essential. We are a tight knit group of professionals with a common goal, to give our guests the best possible experience.

Meet Our Chef

Luca Avanzo

Born in the country side of Piedmont region. His passion for good healthy food started at his parent’s small farm where everything was fresh and organically grown. Cooking was a major part of his upbringing.

Luca completed culinary school just before the age of twenty. Shortly after, he decided to start his adventure, working in a variety of restaurants from mom and pop restaurants to five star hotels gaining experience. He started off working in France and Switzerland, but his true love was to move to the great nation of America.

The first thing he purchased was a Chef coat that he had it embroidered with the American eagle and flag. Come experience his truly creative cooking that shows in every dish that we describe as “Truly Italian.”

I love this place for many reasons. The food is authentic & consistent, the atmosphere is awesome, the people are so nice. I visit them pretty often and always remember to order the Tartuffo pizza it's soooo delicious.

Danielli F

As a party of four, we enjoyed every single minute and moment. The food was very good and we recommend this place to anyone looking for a different atmosphere, and it's not that too pricey.

Raymond H

Luca the chef from Italy is the best I’ve ever seen. The food is literally mouth watering, especially the pizza. We had the “Lilliana” and it was to die for. The speciality cocktails are also amazing. Highly recommend this place.

John C

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